by Jacqueline Schaefgen

There are so many websites, search engines, and apps available these days to access college information that it can be overwhelming ! Here are a few that are comprehensive and easy to use! 

College Hunch – this mobile app is one our new favorites! It has easy to use search and filter functions (including location map-based college searches) and all relevant school-specific admissions, cost, and general data at your fingertips; you can even save notes and ‘favorites’, compare schools on the fly, and export info to a spreadsheet or printer.  And it’s free!  Download for your Apple or Android device.

College Express – College Express is a comprehensive college search engine that includes individual college data, scholarship search and articles/advice. But what we really like is its comprehensive ‘College Lists’ function particularly for those looking for broader bases to start researching schools.  College Express has over 800 college lists that you search by keyword or by categories such as ‘world view’, majors, or learning environment, or the student experience.  Looking for lists of schools where intramural sports are super popular, or football game attendance is high, or where anthropology PhDs get their undergraduate degree?  You’ll find it here! And no school pays to be on any of the lists.

Unigo – is another college search engine with comprehensive college information, but one of the features that students find useful is the individual college reviews written by students.  Answers to questions such as ‘What should every freshman know’, ‘Describe a typical weekend’, or ‘Describe the students at your school’ are grouped together.   While the views expressed are individual opinions, you may get a sense of common themes and the school vibe by reviewing responses and seeing common views expressed repeatedly. 

We hope these tools help you explore college options with ease as you look toward your future!