FAQs Virtual Counseling

FAQs Virtual Counseling2021-12-13T01:28:32-08:00
Do both students and parents need to be at every virtual session?2021-12-12T18:06:29-08:00

No. It is important that you choose the process and participation that works best for your individual needs. Additionally, family members who were not in attendance can access the updated documents and session notes after each session in order to get a sense of what was covered and accomplished.

Does the pace at which I complete the sessions matter?2021-12-12T18:06:02-08:00

The timing of your completion of your sessions is completely up to you and your individual needs. Some students start the process during sophomore year, some 1st semester senior year, but all of them reach the same endpoint. Please note, though, that GG is unable to offer more than one session per week.

How long does each counseling session last?2021-12-12T18:05:24-08:00

Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

How does a virtual college counseling session work?2021-12-12T18:04:56-08:00

The only major difference between virtual and in-person college counseling is the location in which the counseling takes place. Virtual college counseling takes place via phone, Skype and email. Each session is centered around a unique topic related to the college exploration and application process. Students (and families) will work with the counselor to cover that topic, addressing both “big picture” as well as individual questions along the way.

What are the benefits of working on the college exploration and application process virtually?2021-12-12T18:04:24-08:00
    • FLEXIBILITY – virtual counseling is much more amenable to the packed high school student schedule; you don’t have to worry about getting to and from the office….you just need to have one hour free to chat!
    • TIME – you don’t have to spend time worrying about logistics (e.g., where to meet, transportation, printing out documents, etc); you can instead just focus on the key aspects of the process. Additionally, GG offers support throughout the day so you could feasibly take advantage of free course periods during school or a break before sports practice.
    • COST – virtual counseling is less expensive than in-person college counseling.
    • PERSONALIZED SUPPORT – with virtual counseling comes unlimited support via email, text, and phone.
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