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Summer: The Perfect Time to Dive Into the College Application Process


In addition to taking a break from school and ideally doing something of value in an area of interest, the summer can be an outstanding time to dive into the college application process.  Even just working an hour or two a week can make a big difference in the overall process and workload.  Here are a few tips on how to make the most of those summer months in order to ease your stress during the Fall of your senior year: Aim to walk into summer with a “working final” college list of 8-12 schools. While your list doesn’t necessarily have [...]

Summer: The Perfect Time to Dive Into the College Application Process2022-04-20T13:21:14-07:00

Tools for Simplifying College Research!


by Jacqueline Schaefgen There are so many websites, search engines, and apps available these days to access college information that it can be overwhelming ! Here are a few that are comprehensive and easy to use!  College Hunch - this mobile app is one our new favorites! It has easy to use search and filter functions (including location map-based college searches) and all relevant school-specific admissions, cost, and general data at your fingertips; you can even save notes and ‘favorites’, compare schools on the fly, and export info to a spreadsheet or printer.  And it’s free!  Download for your Apple or [...]

Tools for Simplifying College Research!2022-03-04T18:55:24-08:00

Bring on Summer


by Counselor Jacquie There’s nothing like that feeling of finishing up the last final exam and knowing that school’s… out… for… summer!  For many teens, summer brings relief from busy structured days and stress of school, which many teens balance with extracurricular activities and part time jobs.  But ask any high schooler if they want to be bored and the answer is typically a resounding no!   The great thing about being in high school is that you can take an active role in deciding how to spend your summer time in ways that can help you on your college planning [...]

Bring on Summer2022-02-04T11:37:21-08:00

Attention Juniors: Here’s how to make the most of your Activities section in your Common Application


Whether you’re starting with a blank screen or you’ve written down a quick list of your high school activities and you’re wondering where to head next, here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Activities Section on your Common Application. Before we start, here are some quick reminders: 1) you only have 10 entry spots, 2) you only have 150 characters maximum for each spot, and 3) your entries should be listed in order of importance to you. Use action verbs to describe your experiences and tasks. There is no need to use complete sentences for [...]

Attention Juniors: Here’s how to make the most of your Activities section in your Common Application2021-12-13T01:46:38-08:00

How to make the most of a waitlist or deferral position


While the admissions news might not be exactly what you had hoped for, hearing back about a waitlist position or deferral spot can be a great opportunity for you to reaffirm your interest in a college, giving yourself the best possible opportunity to gain admission in the future. First, unless otherwise specified in the materials from the college itself, I would suggest sending a thoughtful and detailed email letter directly to your local admissions representative. In this email, you can reaffirm your interest in the college, share any relevant application updates, and make the admissions officer aware that if accepted, you [...]

How to make the most of a waitlist or deferral position2021-12-13T01:48:44-08:00

Finding Your Passion – Who, what, when, where and why?


When I first start working with a family, I am often asked about this mysterious idea of “finding your passion.” While most of the time the question initially comes from parents, I have a feeling that the high school student is just as interested. But how do you go about discovering your passion at a younger age when your coursework is fairly prescribed, your activities are somewhat limited but what’s available to you, and you might even be experiencing a global pandemic. Ha! Here are a few great places to start: Take a course in a subject matter you have always [...]

Finding Your Passion – Who, what, when, where and why?2021-12-13T01:51:42-08:00

How to get a sense of a college without visiting


While visiting a college campus is typically the strongest way to determine fit, much can be done before or in lieu of a visit to get a sense of a school. Here are some tips for exploring a campus virtually: Go to the college’s website and explore the Undergraduate Admissions page. What themes or messages are highlighted throughout the admissions materials? Attend a Virtual Information Session, offered live regularly and also recorded for watching after a prior event Connect with current students via a Live Chat or through your own network. Many admissions offices are now offering this opportunity to connect [...]

How to get a sense of a college without visiting2021-12-17T06:23:59-08:00
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